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I live in a deed-restricted neighborhood. When I bought my house I knew it was deed restricted. At the time it was not a big deal, because as a Tech I could hit all of the repeaters I wanted to with a humble antenna in the attic. However, I didn't take into consideration that I might upgrade.

One day I got an email from one of the guys up at AES. He said he heard me on one of the repeaters and thought I might be eligible for an upgrade to General because I upgraded to Tech in 1987. Well I was plenty fired up and contacted W5YI to see if I was eligible. I found out that I missed the cut off date by 2 months. But now I wanted HF privileges so I upgraded to General, and then to Extra.

I currently have a 25' bent dipole in my attic and it does OK at best. I am in a townhouse, so it picks up every bit of noise generated by my house and both of my neighbors. So my goal is to get something outside.

My neighborhood forbids all outside antennas except for satellite dish's, and that is only because they have no choice in allowing those. I have cable, but I just received a free dish from a co-worker. I gladly accepted it because that is going to be what gets me a HF dipole antenna outside.

My plan is to install the dish up on the roof like many of the others in the neighborhood. I will run a few lines of coax to it, just like the others. However, I plan to attach the coax to a balun and run 26 AWG 'stealth' wire from the wireman. This shouldn't be able to be seen from the ground and will give me an outside antenna.

As with my other projects, when I start this project I will post pictures.




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