Homebrew Season

This morning I walked through the garage heading to the car like I do most Sunday mornings. I was anticipating the normal blast of heat and humidity, but was surprised by nice, cool air. It is the first break from the summer heat this year, and only means one thing; the time of year for home brew projects has just begun!

I first got into homebrew projects in 1989 while I was stationed at Incirlik AB in Turkey. Up to this point, if I needed anything I would just buy it. While stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi MS, I would go to Hooper Electronics off gate #7. When in California, I would order from AES in Las Vegas. But in Turkey, there was no AES, Hooper's Electronics, nor any other ham store. And getting electronic items from the USA through the Turkish customs was a difficult thing to do. So if I needed anything, especially antennas, I would make them. And that really opened a new world that I still enjoy today. With my good friend Mehmet - TA5B, and Norman - TA5ZB, we would make all kinds of antennas, receivers, and transmitters.

This year I plan on making quite a few antennas. My first will be two discone antennas for my scanners at home and at work. I also want to make a yagi for 2 meters and 70 cm that I can mount in the attic. And finally I plan on hiding a long-wire antenna on the roof. Deed restrictions don't allow me to have an outside antenna except for a dish. That dish will be the vessel to get the longwire installed. As I get them started, I will add pictures and details.




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