Ham Radio and Raspberry Pi

Ham Radio seems to hit points in time where new technology launches it in new directions. Ham Satellites, connecting radios to computers, and connecting radios and repeaters to the Internet were big jumps. Now we have the very inexpensive Raspberry Pi computer and Arduino microcontroller.

 For me, I am going to start my projects with the Raspberry Pi. I am a Linux fan and Linux user, and the RPi (Raspberry Pi) runs Linux as it's operating system. Knowing Linux will help you get up and running quicker, but you don't have to know Linux to use the RPi. The RPi comes with an SD card that has the Linux OS installed and configured called noob. And for questions, there is a great Yahoo group called "Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_Radio" that can answer most questions, and a google search will most likely offer multiple sites to answer your question.

So what can you do with the RPi? Well some of thetop projects are SSTV, echolink, SDR receivers, repeater controllers, weather stations, fldigi computers, rig control, WSPR, APRS, satellite trackers, D-Star, and many others.

There are many Web sites where you can get information about the RPi. Some of my favorites are:






There are many Web sites dedicated for ham radio projects specifically with the RPi. Some of the ones I like are:





Some of the projects that I am going to build this year with the RPi is an SDR receiver, an echolink node, an fldigi computer, and a weather station. So if you are looking for a project this year, take a look at the Raspberry Pi computer. For $40.00, you can have a lot of fun.








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