MH-59A8J Microphone


Remote Mic

 The Yaesu MH-59A8J microphone is an outstanding mobile microphone. In my mobile setup, replacing the stock mic with this one has produced many unsolicited comments on the high quality of my audio. Additionally, I can control most functions that I need to from the mic without having to take my eyes off the road. However, there are some configuring you must do to get the radio to use this mic and to make sure the audio is set to the right levels. I am using mine with the FT-857D radio, so if you are using a different rig, make sure you check your menu to make sure you get the settings correct for your rig. Again, this is a very hot microphone, so make sure you set your ALC, AM gain, and FM gain before putting it into service.


The steps you need to perform in order are:

  1. Set menu #59.
  2. Plug in the mic.
  3. Configure ALC settings
  4. Configure FM/AM microphone gain.
  5. Configure custom buttons.



MH-59A8J Manual

MH-59A8J Technical Supplement













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