FT-8800R Settings



The FT-8800R is a great dual-band mobile radio. It was first put in production in 2003, and is still in production today. It has standard 2 meter and 70 cm transmit and extended receive, provides 50 watts on 2m and 35 watts on 70cm. I have had this rig since 2005 and I love it. I had it in my car for many years, and then moved it into my shack when I installed an FT-857D in my car. I still use the FT-8800R regularly.

Some people complain about the fan noise, but I cannot hear it. Every time you transmit, a small fan comes on in the back and runs until you unkey. Mine has never run longer than I transmit. I use this rig for APRS during some of the local hamfests and regularly to join in on nets and it never even gets close to getting hot. I even use it to run a local net and again, it runs very cool.

Below are some of the downloads and settings I use on this rig. I am not using any accessories on this rig. These settings might be a good starting point for someone new to this rig.



FT-8800R Manual

FT-8800R Brochure

FT-8800R Packet Wiring






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