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 When the Wouxun (pronounced "ocean") first appeared, I looked at it as junk. When I saw it at Orlando Hamcation, I was impressed with the quality feel of the case and buttons, but was skeptical of the operational quality. However, being a member of ARES, I bought one as a throw-away HT. I figured if I broke an HT in the field, I would rather it be a $100.00 HT rather than a $300.00 HT. After buying one and using it on a few events, I bought a second one. That way between the 2 of them, I have 2 meters, 1.25 meters, and 70 cm covered.

I really like these Wouxun radios, and even use them more than my Yaesu and Kenwood HTs. They are inexpensive, same power out as my others, has great audio, extended receive, and 128 memory channels. But there are a few quirks.

This is not a true dual-band radio, but a dual-monitor radio. Also, programming this radio takes a little getting used to. But if you follow the manual, programming them is not that difficult. You can also use "Chirp" programming software to program them, and it's preferred by most to use it. Chirp is a free programming program that can be used with a number of different radios. Their Website has a complete list. So far, all of the Wouxun HTs are on that list.



KG-UVD1P Manual

KG-UVD1P Programming Kit (Includes manual, USB drivers, and programming software)

Chirp Programming Software (Windows)

Chirp Programming Software (Linux)

Chirp Linux Live CD (660 MB Download)













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